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People don’t come into fashion by accident, the industry is driven by passion. And while art and creativity are the foundation of a solid career in this field, a business-oriented mindset is what gets you further.

But that’s where the problem often lies: artists can be discouraged with the practical side of things. Running an online store is a logical step to get yourself out there and at the age of eCommerce blossom, it is a must.

But how do you make it successful? In a competitive environment, any store needs a secret ingredient to stand out. Your designs might…

Security tips by Markeaze

Whenever an industry starts thriving cybercriminals step up their game too. Since eCommerce has been on the rise lately online stores should be extra cautious about keeping customers and their data safe. And this is an issue that cannot be taken lightly: every year cybercrime activities result in $1.5 billion losses across the world.

From educating employees to delivering dedicated safety memos to your customers — your duty as a business owner is to lead by example.

Adding extra security measures often seems unnecessary and even over the edge but in reality, it’s better to be overly cautious than facing…

From automation to personalization — what’s trending in eCom customer service?

Experts believe that eCommerce market sales will exceed $4 trillion in 2020. The year that forced us to stay at home has also driven online sales growth, but the truth is that the online shopping boom is happening regardless of the global pandemic. In twenty years, according to some estimates, 95% of sales will be processed online and it’s about time you start preparing for the new digital era.

When it comes to eCommerce, customer service plays a key role. You don’t need to follow all customer service trends religiously but it wouldn’t hurt to keep an eye on the…

Are you sure your customers are getting the best service?

Customer service is simple. All you need to do is to provide quick, efficient, and easily accessible support. Never argue with the customer, listen, speak the same language, and make sure they always walk away with a solution. How hard can it be?

In reality, there’s more to it.

In the eCommerce space, customers cannot get to see, feel, or try on the products and have to depend on service reps, their product knowledge, and communication skills.

Considering that 90% of Americans decide if they continue dealing with the company based on the quality of customer service they receive, it…

Show your customers some love, and they will come back for more

Despite the efforts of numerous spam filters and ad blockers, we go through a fair amount of emails daily. However, since the average open rate varies from 20% to 40% most of the emails we get stay unread.

If you run an online shop, a few solid follow-up emails can increase retention, help you grow, and build winning relationships with return customers. Return customers cost less, bring more profit, and have one undeniable advantage — you already have their email. Depending on how you’re going to communicate with them you hold the power to either make or break a sale.

What will you do when robots take your job?

What if someone offered you a simple solution that eliminates the need for a dedicated customer service team? How would you feel about cutting the costs, saving time, and getting rid of human factor?

What if I told you that there is a way to achieve your business goals and forget about hiring, onboarding, and constantly training a team of customer service reps?

The secret is in hyper-automation.

Put it simply, you let the robots do their job and let your human team go.

Strong customer service is the backbone of every business — especially if your online store is…

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Multitasking is a myth — etailers know it firsthand. Try handling the supply, marketing activities, delivery, returns, accounting, and keep your customers happy in the meantime. The standard of your customer service should always be at its best: one little delay can cost you a sale and make a bad name for your business.

If you run a small or medium-size online store, chances are that you start your workday with sorting out hundreds if not thousands of emails. Depending on how many teammates are helping you out, as well as how knowledgeable they are, you probably spend three to…

Return customers worth their weight in gold

When customers like your product, trust your brand and keep coming back for more it means they developed loyalty. If the customer loyalty level is high, they won’t desert you for your competitor, even for a better deal. Eventually, they start recommending your services and bring in new customers.

If you’re still not convinced, here are some more facts and numbers.

Based on the research, 40% of the businesses’ ROI comes from your regular customers. …

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes for a moment. You’re having another slow day at the office when suddenly feel the urge to buy a new pair of kicks. You start browsing and after a while, you run into a perfect pair.

And then your boss calls asking about that report you were supposed to submit a few days ago. You panic, close the tabs, and leave the kicks behind. Absent-minded or strategically distracted, people forget to prepare reports and abandon their carts all the time.

According to Statista, on average, only 12% of the customers make it through the…

Customers that find what they need in a live chat session feel a greater sense of trust in your brand

If a customer arrives on your website for the first time and likes what they see, they’ll explore. As they peruse your online store and examine products of interest, you can further assume that they are thus-far satisfied. Before long, they’re on your live chat with questions regarding their potential purchase.

Like most eCommerce brands, you likely spent thousands of dollars building a positive user experience on your website. How do you keep this customer satisfaction going through the next step — live chat customer service?

At the end of last year, Smart Insights pulled research data and found that…

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