Should You Let Go Your Entire Customer Service Team?

What will you do when robots take your job?

Put it simply, you let the robots do their job and let your human team go.

You might feel like a multitasking superhero and try to handle everything yourself but most likely it will only bring you to a deadlock.

What it Takes to Hire a Customer Service Team

In-house Customer Service

Since your team consists of real people, they will take breaks, paid leaves, holidays, procrastinate, and won’t be able to work 24/7 unless you hire a few more agents to do the graveyard hours.

Outsourcing a Call Center

Worst-case scenario, the call center agents won’t understand the product correctly and crumb the deal.

Is There an Alternative?

VA Knows Everything About Your Product

VA Collects Data and Uses it to Help Customers

VA is Fast and Selective

VA is Likable

Final Words



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