5 Customer Service Trends in eCommerce You Don’t Want to Miss

From automation to personalization — what’s trending in eCom customer service?


Imagine if all the people in the world suddenly stopped going to department stores in favor of online shopping. It does sound familiar, doesn’t it? Chances are that the majority of online store owners wouldn’t be prepared for the customer traffic bounce, and the 2020 pandemic made it clear. Increased traffic means hiring more reps, handling more stress that will eventually lead to mistakes, missed conversions, and loss of motivation.

You can choose to automate only half of the processes to make the work of your reps easier, use chatbots, or try a cutting-edge PRA approach and replace your human reps with a smart virtual assistant.

Instagram Shopping

Check your social media accounts, do you follow brands that you like? Customers follow their favorite brands for various reasons — they want to know about sales and new arrivals, looking for tech support, or just because they want to communicate with the brand in a less formal way. Either way — you have to take your social media game, especially the one in Instagram, seriously.

It’s not uncommon for modern-day brands to treat their Instagram accounts as their main salespoint.

Instagram shop is easy to setup, it allows you to connect your product catalog, and your products can be easily found by your target audience.

Omnichannel Communication

If you want to get more conversions and boost sales, you need to be universally available. Different customers prefer different communication channels: people in their fifties and older stick to calling, millennials and Gen-Z would want to talk to you via Instagram, Twitter, or WhatsApp. And then there is a big group of people who prefer solving all their problems via email and those who hate the anticipation and would rather reach you in live chat.

Nobody likes to repeat themselves, and that’s why you need an omnichannel communication solution.

The Omnichannel system drives growth and allows you to consolidate every aspect of your customer service in an omnipresent way. So that every service rep has access to all the historical data collected from all the communication channels and jumps into every conversation confidently knowing exactly who they are talking to.


Texting is an extremely popular trend in modern-day customer service — more than half of the US-based small-size businesses we’ve talked to are considering it a vital communication channel. And that’s quite resonable: the SMS open rate is a lot higher than the email’s — nearly 98% of the text messages are being open.

A quick personalized text message can drive customer satisfaction

Personal Approach

It’s not rocket science — personal approach in customer service drives loyalty, and loyalty is what every conscientious e-shop owner is after. Return customers are the goldmine for every business and it is in your best interest not to disappoint them. However, delivering fast and efficient service is only half of the deal. In order to beat your competition, you need to make sure that after your communication, a customer walks out not only with a solution but with a pleasant aftertaste as well.

Collecting data is a must — the more you know about your customers, the better you can serve them.

From personalized recommendations to knowing important little details about your customers — once you master your data management, the quest for increasing loyalty will be half-finished.

The Bottom Line

Online shopping is picking up its momentum, and the competition is getting more fierce. Making the best use of customer service trends is essential to all the online store owners.



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