Understanding Customer Loyalty: Why You Should Focus on Retention

Return customers worth their weight in gold

In fact, the average amount that one return customer spends on a purchase is approximately 5 times higher than a new one.

Moreover, if you manage to raise the number of your loyal customers by 5% your profit may increase by somewhere from 25% to a staggering 95%.

Three Types of Customer Loyalty

There are 3 types of loyalty but your ultimate goal is to build an unbreakable bond


Money Value

Emotional Bond

If you managed to establish relationships with your customers that are built on their emotions, they will never leave you. Even if your service gets worse with time.

A Few More Tips on Building Up Customer Loyalty

Work on Your Customer Service

It might sound too difficult to achieve, but there are tools that can help you with perfecting the work of your support team and build up customer loyalty.

Build Your Community

Run a Loyalty Program




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