The Power of a Follow-Up Email in eCommerce: Boost Sales by Gaining Trust

Show your customers some love, and they will come back for more

Follow-up emails go beyond regular support and resolving costumers’ issues — they are about spreading love, contribution, and making your customers happy. It’s almost like art but in the form of marketing.

Follow-Up Emails: The Basics

Don’t Take It Lightly

Don’t Be Pushy

Use The Subject Lines Wisely

Say Thank You

Think long-term — you can always send another email with the selling offer later. Focus on building trust first.

Be Helpful

Inform Them About New Arrivals

Ask for Feedback

Ask for their insights and if they’re good enough, you’ll get a chance to write another follow-up email once you implement that solution. And that, in turn, will give you 10 extra points in the customer loyalty department.

Recommend a Product

Modern-day marketing is focusing on providing the best value for the customer rather than exploiting their compulsive shopping experience.

When You Should Send the Follow-Up

When You Don’t Get a Reply

When They Don’t Finish the Purchase

If the Purchase Never Happened

When You Feel You’re Losing Them

Automate Your Follow-Ups

The Bottom Line

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