Make it Quick: Does Your Customer Service Response Time Matter?

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According to statistics, 90% of customers would be satisfied if you managed to get back to them within an hour. However, the average time a support agent replies to a service request is over 12 hours.

Remarkably, about 23% of companies do not bother to respond to their leads at all. That raises a question — how does it fit into somebody’s business strategy? In the days when eCommerce drives department stores out of business, the competition in the online space gets surreal. If you won’t react to your customer’s request fast enough, your competitor will.

Roots of the Problem

After talking to a handful of online store owners, we’ve noticed that they often underestimate the importance of fast customer service. Hiring a dedicated team of agents is expensive and often feels secondary.

It is a common concern of the business owners that a random support agent or a call center employee simply won’t have the proper product knowledge, necessary insights, and motivation.

Unfortunately, when business owners start managing customer support themselves, they quickly feel burned-out and unmotivated too. And answering everyone in time is completely out of the picture.

Can Live Chats Help?

Live chat software can drastically improve the level and the speed of your customer service. It’s easy to set up and use, it builds trust, increases your availability, speeds up response time, cuts down the costs, and even helps with boosting sales.

Imagine automating this process by having a virtual assistant that takes care of all the generic inquiries immediately and correctly. And now imagine how much money you can save.

Besides, live chat solutions allow you to track customer’s activity on your website and take the lead. You don’t need to wait until they ask a question or leave your website without an answer, you can reach out to your visitors yourself.

The Bottom Line

When evaluating your customer service performance, speed is definitely an important metric. However, it is a combination of various factors that matters. The support that your business provides should be both quick and efficient. Some issues require a bit more time to sort out while others can be resolved faster with a proper set of tools.



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