How to Use eCommerce Live Chat for Ultimate Customer Satisfaction

Customers that find what they need in a live chat session feel a greater sense of trust in your brand

At the end of last year, Smart Insights pulled research data and found that “Website visitors who engage with a brand through live chat are worth 4.5 times more than visitors who don’t.”

Smart Insights further noted (about brands that take the initiative to engage their online shoppers with live chat):

The Critical Components For a Successful eCommerce Live Chat System

Your customers want fast answers to their questions. At the same time, they want a positive experience when seeking help. The trick is providing both benefits without sacrificing one of the two — even a little bit.

Your customers want fast answers and positive experience when seeking help

Pre-Chat Surveys

As your customers enter the live chat session, surveys can gather all initial information from the customer to help them receive the help that they need.

Customer Behavioral and Historical Data

After pre-chat surveys gather initial information, additional analytics tools can sync with your live chat platform to provide the live chat agent with as much information as possible before the online conversation begins. Based on this web visitor’s behavior, live agents can enter the chat window knowing what that customer has shopped for in the past or what particular needs that customer has.

Conversation Routing

Mediocre live chat platforms may not assign inquiries efficiently. It is not uncommon for some live chat agents to become overwhelmed with customers in their queue while other agents are standing by.

Whichever eCommerce live chat platform you choose, you need to be able to count on reliable conversation routing.

After qualifying inquiries with historical data, real-time data, and answers to chatbot questions, a reliable conversation routing tool can spread the load across all agents within the proper department.

Chat Queue Prioritization

The most exciting recent development in modern-day live chat technology is the ability of live chat managers and business owners to prioritize customer inquiries.

While the goal is never to frustrate existing customers, some inquiries are more urgent than others.

The example above is just one of many that can help a customer support team align their strategies with marketing and sales. Chat queue prioritization tools empower intentionality among the various departments resulting in increased sales and conversation rates.

Final thoughts

When learning how to use your eCommerce live chat platform, it’s important to remember that your ultimate goal is more sales and customer loyalty through collaboration with your customers.

Customers that find what they need in a live chat session feel a greater sense of trust in your brand.

Additionally, live chat best tools and practices will enable your agents to feel less overwhelmed when managing conversations with customers.



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